Hi, I am an engaging public speaker, ethnographer, writer, counsellor, improviser, and comedy addict. I am interested in humans and their entanglements in the world. I am passionate about making the world a better place through knowledge, humour, and compassion. As you can see from the excerpts of the 100% real evaluations below, I have been known to flay my arms about a lot when I speak. I’m also equipped with a built-in microphone, so that’s one less tech problem to worry about.

(Real) Inspirational Quotes About Me:

‘Mona is as serious about her field of expertise, as she is about her passion for humour.’
- Britt Solvang, former colleague

‘Every lecture is an academic nirvana.’
- Former student

100% Real Evaluations

‘Pedagogical skills beyond reason.’ – Course participant  

‘Wish she could stand more still! She moves her arms spastically while teaching.’
– Course participant

‘Her passion for knowledge is contagious.’
– Student


‘Speaks with natural authority and knows her shit!’
– Course participant

‘Best damn teacher I EVER had!’
– Student

‘Loudest laugh on campus. I often finding myself wanting to be her, or at least be wherever she is.’
– Colleague

‘Approachable, down to earth, and interactive teaching style.’
– Student

‘It was very distracting that the teacher drank water from a paper coffee cup throughout the course.’
– Course participant

‘In a word: Inspiring.’
– Student

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