Qualitative Research and Analysis (including Ethnography); Project Design & Management; Team Management; Oral and Written Communication Skills; Course Design; Teaching & Pedagogical training; Student Supervision; Manuscript Peer-Review; Professional Network Management; Counselling Skills; Multicultural Counselling & Diversity Training; Facilitation of SkillsTransfer; Trilingual: English, Norwegian and (Egyptian) Arabic





Religion and Media; Media, Culture and Society, Anthropology; Multicultural and Migration Studies; Contemporary Islam; Gender; Cross Cultural Counselling Psychology; Middle East Area Studies; Egypt – Politics and Society




2012-3 Pedagogical Training for Academics, University of Oslo

2006-7 Professional Counselling Training Course, Diakonhjemmet University College

2005-6 Project Management Course, University College of Østfold

2002-9 Multitude of counselling skills training sessions, with certified counsellors





2015 - Postdoctoral Research Fellow, CoMRel, Department of Media and Communication, University of Oslo

2014 Lecturer and Consultant, Middle East and Multicultural Consulting, Oslo

2013- Senior Researcher, Fafo Institute of Applied International Studies, Oslo

2009-12 PhD Fellow, Lecturer, and Coordinator of Center for Islamic and Middle East Studies, University of Oslo, taught and desgined BA-course:

'Cuture and Society' (anthropology of the Middle East), Member of PhD Committee

2002-3 Lecturer in Middle East Studies, University of Oslo, taught and desgined BA-course on gender and family




2015 Engaging with Conflicts in Mediatized Religious Environments (CoMRel)

2013 Assessment of the Impact of Syrian Displacement on Jordan,Short Fieldwork in Jordan

2013 Implications of the Influx of Syrian Refugees on the Jordanian Labor Market,2 x Short Fieldwork in Jordan

(including advisory role on content of survey component of study)

2009-12 Living 'the Message' and Empowering Muslims Selves: A Behind the Screens Study of Online Islam, Fieldwork in Egypt (organizational ethnography)

1999-2002 Whose Right to Divorce in Contemporary Egypt?: Competing Interpretations of Islamic Sources, Longitudinal Fieldwork in Egypt




2002-9 Team-Coordinator/Middle Manager, Project Manager, Counsellor, Network Coordinator, Housing Coordinator, Lecturer (various positions), the Refugee Office in the Municipality of Bærum


Introduction Course

Designed, developed and taught the multi-lingual Introduction Course for refugees in Bærum, in cooperation with colleagues (features a simplification of legal rights and obligations according to the Norwegian Law of Introduction, the Introduction Program, counselling ideas and goals, and a discussion of phases of relocation, alienation and gradual acquaintance with new setting (drawing on theories of anthropology, psychology, and multiculturalism)


Project Manager of externally funded (UDI) Akershus Introduction Network

•Establish and coordinate network across municipality boarders and vocational divides

•Facilitate the transfer of professional knowledge and work expertise across municipalities

•Responsible for the content and overall administration of Introduction Network's seminars in cooperation with a team

•Coach presenters' on how to design concise yet informative presentations

•Practical administration of the seminars

•Project Report


Project Manager for externally funded (IMDI) project: Enhancing employees' multicultural knowledge in Bærum

•Tailoring courses for specific needs and vocational groups

•Selecting and inviting guest lecturers

•Course Design and overall pedagogical responsibility

•Extensive Teaching on various topics such as multicultural communication and identity issues amongst youth

•Group Counselling of course participants on how to adapt (actual) work tasks to multicultural settings and clients

•Practical administration of the seminars

•Project Report

(For more information see:


Refugee Counsellor

•Counselling refugees for 2 years while active participants in the Introduction Program (Vocation, education, emotional support) holistic goal-setting including health and family-related issues

•Extensive collaboration with doctors, psychologists, teachers etc.

•Administrative tasks


Manager /Team Coordinator

•Manager at intermediate level of the organization

•Responsible for a team of counsellors

•Counselling a team of counsellors (individual and group)

•Responsible for the improvement of work routines

•Equipping and facilitating the constant development and professionalization of employees (in cooperation with top management)

•Extensive cooperation (management level) with other public offices




2016. Conflict and Affect Among Conservative Christians on Facebook


2016. Let's Talk About Sex: Counselling Muslims Selves Online in CyberOrient.


2016 How Islamic is Islam Online Counselling? in Mellor, N. & Rinnawi, K. (eds)Political Islam: Global Media and the Boundaries of Religious Identity, Routledge.


2016. Golden Age Divas on the Silver Screen: Challenging or Conforming to Dominant Gender Norms in Journal of

African Cinemas, Intellect Ltd, co-authored with Koen Van Eynde.


2015 Counselling Muslim Selves on Islamic Websites: Walking a Tightrope Between Secular and Religious Counselling Ideals? Status: Journal of Religion, Media and Digital Culture. (Expected to be published in 2015).


2015 The Framing of the Islam Online Crisis in Jayusi, L. and Roald, A.S. (eds.), Media and Political Contestation in the Contemporary Arab World: A Decade of Change, Palgrave Macmillan.


2014 Sowing the Seeds of The Message: Islamist Women Activists before, during, and after the Egyptian Revolution in CyberOrient.


2013 Islam Online Guides Spouses towards Marital Bliss: Arabic Vs. English Counselling Perspectives on Marital Communication in Hoffmann, T. & Larsson, G (eds.) Muslims and the New Information and Communication Technologies: Notes from an Emerging and Infinite Field. Springer.


2012 Islam offline—living ‘The message’ behind the screens in Contemporary Islam,


2011 The Islam-Online Crisis: A Battle of Wasatiyya vs. Salafi Ideologies? in CyberOrient.


2011 New Modes of Communication: Social Networking, Text Messaging, Skype: Egypt in Encyclopaedia of Women & Islamic Cultures, Brill Online.


2011 Islam Onlines ekteskapsveiledning (Islam Online's Marital Counselling) in Babylon: Nordic Journal of Middle East Studies, 1.




2008 De usynlige barna. Håpets Klinikk i Kairo (The Invisible Children. The Hope Clinic in Cairo) co-authored with Nadya Yousef in Babylon: Nordic Journal of Middle East Studies, 1.


2006 Hvis Gud ville at vi skulle bruke higab ville han skapt oss hårete som bjørnen" – Ulike perspektiver på hijab ("If God wanted us to use higab, He would created us as hairy as a bear": Different Perspectives on hijab) in Babylon: Nordic Journal of Middle East Studies,1.


2004 "- Jeg liker ikke klagemuren" (I don't like the wailing wall) co-authored with Tilde Rosmer, in Babylon: Nordic Journal of Middle East Studies,1.


2003 Når penger står på spill: Ekteskapelig lykke og ulykke i Midtøsten (When Money is at Stake: Marital Happiness and Unhappiness in the Middle East) in Babylon: Nordic Journal of Middle East Studies,1.


2003 Hvilken Sharia? (Which Sharia?) in Babylon: Nordic Journal of Middle East Studies, 2.




2017.Feeling so emotional: why we rage about religion on Facebook,Religion: Going Public.

2016 Jew! - Derailed Dispute about Karpe Diem’s Rap Lyrics? Religion: Going Public.

2016 Hug a Muslim!, Religion: Going Public.

2016 Hating Muslims Online, Religion: Going Public.

2015 Islamists' Online Messages (Islamisters budskap på nett),

2014 'Egyptians are beyond depression', The New Middle East Blog

2013 The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Egypt’s Propaganda War The New Middle East Blog.

2013 For the Love of the Egyptian Army?: Laying Down ‘The will of the People’ The New Middle East Blog.

2013 Coup or no coup? - That is the question! Egypt faces yet another critical transition phase The New Middle East Blog.

2013 Tensions rise in Cairo – as rebellious Egyptians hold their breath – until the 30th of June The New Middle East Blog.

2013 The Decisive Factors – What Made the Ousting of Mubarak Possible? The New Middle East Blog.

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2012 Preliminary Egyptian Presidential Results – Victories and Disappointments, The New Middle East Blog.

2012 The Egyptian Presidential Race, The New Middle East Blog.

2012 Studio Al-Rais: 'The First Presidential TV Debate in The Arab World', The New Middle East Blog.

2012 Egyptian Politics: What 'Everybody' is Talking About!, The New Middle East Blog.




2017: Doing Media-Ethnography, Westerdals Oslo School of Arts.

2015 Testimonies of Terror: Talking about Sexual Assaults on a Popular Talk Show, Center for Islam and Middle East Studies (CIMS) Seminar, University of Oslo, Oslo

2014 Moulding Ideal Muslim Selves on Islam Online: Islamist Activism, before, during and after the Anti-Mubarak Uprisings, Centre for Middle East and Islamic Studies, University of Bergen, Bergen

2014 The Shame and Blame Game: The Public Debate on Sexual Assaults in Tahrir Square, Chr. Michelsen Institute, Bergen

2014 Coping Strategies amongst Syrian Refugees in Jordan (Mestringsstrategier blant syriske flyktninger i Jordan), HL-Center, Oslo

2012 Facebook Activism, Political Humour and the Arab Spring, The Arabic Language and Culture Institute, Louisville

2011 Facebook-Activism in Egypt, lecture for the Interkult Seminar at Oslo University College, Oslo




2015 Debating a Norwegian News Anchor’s Cross-Pendant, NordMedia 2015, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen.

2015 Islamists' Online Messages, After Paris: Panel Discussion, The Literature House, Oslo.

2014 Playing the Shame and Blame Game: Public Debate on Sexual Assaults in Tahrir Square, WOCMES, Ankara.

2014 'Frustration Creates Miracles’: Islamist Women Activists before, during, and after the Egyptian Uprisings, ISMRC, Canterbury.2014 Understanding Egypt: Soldiers, Revolutionaries and the People, Panelist, Christian Mikkelsen’s Institute, Bergen, Norway.

2013 Arab Spring Turned Winter, Panel Discussion with guest lecturer Amr Hamzawy (Egypt), the Literature House, Fredrikstad, Norway

2013 Playing the Shame and Blame Game: Public Debate on Sexual Assaults in Tahrir Square at Muslim women’s Challenges in the Middle East and Beyond Conference, Oslo University, Norway.

2013 Half the Wages – Twice the Hours?: Displaced Syrians in the Jordanian Labour Market, Crisis without borders – Syria’s impact on its neighbours, UNDP-Fafo Breakfast, Oslo, Norway.

2013 Playing the Shame and Blame Game: Media, Religion and the Anti-Sexual Harassment Campaign in Egypt at the CRESC 2013 Annual Conference, SOAS, London.

2013 The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Egypt's Propaganda War, Who defines Egypt? The Military, the Muslim Brotherhood and "the Will of the People", Fafo Breakfast Seminar, Oslo, Norway.

2013 Islamists vs. Secularists in Post-Mubarak Media Egypt?, Nord Media Conference 2013, TWG Media and Religion, Oslo, Norway.

2013 The Islam Online Crisis, British Middle East Society (BRISMES) Annual Conference, Dublin, Ireland.

2013 Recent Developments in Egypt and panel participation: ‘From Spring to Winter in Egypt?: How are the working- and security conditions for Women Journalists two years after the revolution?’ International Association of women in Radio and Television, Norway.

2013 Survival and Coping Strategies, Syrian refugees in Jordan: dynamics and consequences, Fafo-Breafast Seminar, Oslo, Norway.

2012 Moulding Ideal Muslims Selves and Reforming Society to Match - An Ethnographic Approach to Islamic Online Counselling, Media Across Religion Conference, University of Oslo, PLUREL and NOREL, Oslo.

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2010 Saving a Marriage from the Tight Grip of In-Laws: Islam Online Arabic Challenges and Accommodates Popular Concepts of In-Laws, Conference on Islam and Media, Religion and Culture, Ryerson University, Toronto.

2010 Islam Online Guides Spouses towards Better Communication – Do Arabic- and English literate audiences receive the same message?, Pre-organized Fault Lines of Islamism panel, World Congress of Middle East Studies, Barcelona.

2010 Islam Online Guides Husbands and Wives towards Marital Bliss Via Popular Culture. Arab Popular Culture, Lebanese American University, Beirut.

2010 Perceptions of ‘Husbands and Wives’ on Islam Online, Islam and the Media Boulder University, Boulder.



2015 Participant in panel disuccsion: 'Youth take Responsibilty' :How to Counter Extremism Before it is Too late, IHSG, East Meets West East and South)

2015 Participant in panel discussion about The Queens of Syria, Arab Film Days, Oslo

2015 Participant in panel discussion: Løper mediene terroristenes ærend? ,The University of Oslo’s After Paris Series, The House of Literature Oslo

2014 Participant in panel discussion about Kismet and Turkish Soap Opera’s emancipatory power for Arab viewers, Arab Film Days, Oslo

2014 Introduction to Chicago Girl: The Social Network Takes on a Dictator, Human Rights - Human Wrong Festival, Oslo2011 Multitude of media appearances, commenting on current events in the Middle East (See researcher profile on for details), Oslo




2009- Reviewer for Babylon: Nordic Journal of Middle East Studies,

2010- Member of the editorial board and reviewer of Journal of Middle East Media (JMEM),

2010- Reviewer for CyberOrient,

2011- Reviewer for Journal of Languages and Culture

2002-8 Founding Member and Co-Editor of Babylon: Nordic Journal of Middle East Studies,




•British Society for Middle East Studies (BRISMES)’s Faith, Politics, and Society Research Network

•Mediating Religion, Centre for Research on Socio Cultural Change (CRESC)

•Network for New Media, Religion and Digital Culture Studies,

•Middle East Studies Association (MESA),

•Nordic Society for Middle East Studies,

•Network for Sharia Studies









Mona Abdel-Fadil, PhD